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Rental & Leasing of new and pre-owned equipment

In addition to providing Power For the Planet®, AP&C is known for providing highly reliable, specialized electronic and electrical control and power distribution panels to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer's needs. We help customers solve their custom control problems by providing custom-engineered solutions, application support and commissioning services.

Look to renting when you need power and test equipment quickly, or need equipment for fewer than six months, or need equipment infrequently. Also consider renting where you face emergencies, short-term projects, unplanned projects or long waits for new equipment. Renting has financial benefits. Because there's no long-term commitment, you decide whether or not you want to continue renting. By managing your equipment needs monthly, you can control your cash flow and preserve working capital.

We have combined our rental inventory, application engineering, planning, logistics / delivery, installation, operation, and support services to deliver total solutions. At AP&C we routinely solve unique and unusual electrical power needs with units literally unavailable anywhere else.

Each rental order follows a system design and check-out process that begins with an application engineering review of your needs. The selected rental unit is then reconfigured if necessary, to tailor the unit for your application. The equipment is fully tested prior to shipment. In most cases, installation and use only requires your maintenance personnel or electrician to connect the unit, and follow the furnished Operating Instructions. AP&C field engineers are available to supervise installation and perform equipment start-up and training when desired.

Month-to-Month Rental Program
The Month-to-Month Rental Program provides the most flexible means to obtain the Power or Test Equipment you need, without a long-term commitment.

Term Length: Month-to-Month. Opt out anytime after 30 days.

Payments: Monthly payments in advance. After the first month, rental charges are prorated daily. Billing ends the day the equipment is received at AP&C

Purchase Option
AP&C offers our rental customers the option to purchase the rented equipment. In addition, 20% of the first 6 months rental payments made can be used as credit towards the purchase of the equipment. The purchase price or "Market Value" is stated at the beginning of the rental period on the Rental Agreement. Applies to qualified equipment only.

Rent-to-Own Program
The Rent-to-Own Program offers the greatest purchase savings for customers who may wish to purchase the rented equipment during the rental period. Applies to qualified equipment only.

Term Length: 6, 12, 18, 24, or 36 months. Opt out anytime after midterm.

Payments: Monthly payments in advance. After midterm, rental charges are prorated daily. Billing ends at the end of the Term, or the day the equipment is received at AP&C.

Purchase: The rented equipment may be purchased for 75% discount of the "Market Value". The equipment "Market Value" is stated at the beginning of the rental period on the Rental Agreement.

Leasing offers many of the benefits of renting, however a commitment is made to keep the equipment for a specified length of time between 24 and 60 months. Leasing also offers financial benefits that buying and renting do not. With the lower, fixed-rate payments of our equipment lease, you're protected against inflation. You can budget and forecast with greater confidence, too. Not only that-the equipment you use today will be paid for with tomorrow's dollars. Also, when you purchase equipment you have to depreciate the cost over the lifetime of the equipment. When you lease, however, your company can immediately deduct leasing costs as business expenses. When renting, you can not depreciate any costs.

At AP&C, we serve the needs of businesses in all types of industries and Power and Test Equipment needs. That's why we offer not just one leasing solution, but many. Terms range from 24 to 60 months, with an end-of-lease purchase option included in every lease agreement.

Leasing Programs
The AP&C Leasing Programs offer 100% financing, and allows you to minimize your monthly payment while retaining the right to purchase the equipment.

Term Length: 24, 36, 48, or 60 Months.

Payments: Monthly payments in advance. AP&C Lease Agreements include a purchase option, which if exercised by the customer at the end of the term, allows the purchase of the equipment for 10% of the original purchase price, instead of returning the equipment to AP&C.

Our inventory of previously owned Power and Test Equipment is available for sale. All pre-owned equipment is refurbished and fully tested prior to shipment. Each unit carries a standard 90-day warranty.


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