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400HZ fixed, exact output frequency
120, 208V, 415 output voltage
Available with ratings from 12KVA to 150KVA
• Open-guarded construction
• Synchronous, 100% brushless design
• High overload capacity

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Lower cost, motor-generator based frequency converter with the same outstanding voltage and frequency regulation as the AFCE model. Designed specifically to furnish precise electrical power to aerospace, military and other electrical or electronic equipment operating from 400 Hertz power. All models are comprised of a separate brushless synchronous motor & generator and are complete with automatic output voltage regulation. Total isolation of the load from the utility power and the capability to ride-through momentary power outages is standard on all models. Reduced voltage motor starter is standard on 75KVA and above.
The AFCF is complete with integral vibration isolation, belt guard, and Motor-Generator connection to a wall mounted Motor Starter and Output Circuit Breaker by the installer.

The AFCF can be ordered separately or with optional controls: (12 to 52Kva)
" MS Option: Wall mounted Motor Starter
"MSC Option: Wall mounted Combination Motor Starter
" GCB Option: Wall mounted Generator Circuit Breaker.
" UMC Option: (Standard on 75Kva to 150Kva) Unit mounted control
cabinet complete with built-in Motor Starter , Input and Output Disconnect Switches, Output Over-Voltage Protection and electrical protection.

Electrical Specifications:

Voltage: Three phase, three wire plus ground. 208, 230, 460 VAC (as specified) ±10% from nominal
Frequency: 60 Hz
Power Factor: 1.0 @ full-rated load
Protection: Overload & short circuit

Frequency: 400 Hz ±0.0%, with nominal input
Voltage: Three Phase 120, 120/208, 240/415 VAC (as specified)
Voltage Regulation: ±1%
Voltage Adjustment Range: ±8%
Power Factor: Rated power @ 0.8PF

Overload Capability: 10% for 2 hours, 25% for 10 minutes
Duty: Continuous duty at full-rated load
Protection: Overload & short-circuit
Output Over-Voltage (UMC Option)

Environmental Characteristics:

Temperature: Operating: 40°C (104°F)
Altitude: 3,300 feet above sea level
Humidity: 0-95% Rh, (non-condensing)
Location: Indoor

Output metering, V/A/Hz, Selector Switch

Other Options:
Enhanced output voltage regulation
Output voltage reconnect switch
Output receptacle panel
Dual input voltage
Reduced voltage motor starter
Remote control/status
Elapsed time meter
Weather protective enclosure


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Specifications subject to change without notice. 017-0064 Rev. 10-16-03

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