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• 50Hz or 60Hz fixed output frequency
• 120/208V, 220V, 230V, 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V
• Adjustable output voltage
• Ratings from 10KVA to 320KVA
•Highly regulated output parameters
• PWM/IGBT power conversion technology
• LCD Control Panel, LED Status Indicators

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The AFA4 model provides isolated three phase, highly regulated 50 Hertz power from a three phase 60 Hertz source. These converters provide precise electrical prime power for operation or testing of electronic or electrical equipment requiring 50 Hertz power.

Installation and operation of the AFA4 is quick and easy. The converter comes ready to install, with built-in input and output circuit breakers behind the front door(s). Start-up and operation is simple using the user friendly LCD Control Panel for reading electrical parameters, event log, and separate LED status indicators.

All models utilize modular PWM-IGBT power control technology, and incorporate soft start circuitry, minimizing disturbances on the input power line during start-up.

User Controls

The Operator Control Panel is conveniently located on the front of the AFA4, and consists of:

-Inverter Control Enable Push-button
-Inverter On Push-button
-Inverter Off Push-button
-Page Up Key Push-button
-Page Down Key Push-button
-Enter Key Push-button
-Audible Alarm
Inverter Status Panel:
-Inverter On LED Indicator
-Inverter Output Normal LED Indicator
-Short Circuit LED Indicator
-Blown Fuse/Over Temp LED Indicator
-Inverter Fail Shutdown LED Indicator
-High DC Shutdown LED Indicator
-Overload Shutdown LED Indicator
Load Status Panel:
-70, 110, 125, 150% Load LED Indicators
DC Status Panel:
-DC Low LED Indicator
-DC Low Shutdown LED Indicator
-Rectifier AC Fail LED Indicator
-Rotation Error LED Indicator
-Rectifier Shutdown LED Indicator
-High DC LED Indicator
-Fault LED Indicator
Mimic Status Panel:
-Rectifier On LED Indicator
-Inverter On LED Indicator
-AC Output LED Indicator
Real Time Data, LCD Display:
-Input Voltage, L-L
-Input Frequency
-Internal DC Bus Voltage
-Output Voltage, L-N or L-L
-Output Percent of Load
-Output Frequency
-Internal Ambient Temperature
-Time / Date
-Historical Event Records, (77)
-System Abnormal Warnings

Electrical Specifications


Voltage: Three phase, three wire plus safety ground. 208, 240, 480 VAC (as specified) ±10% from nominal
Frequency: 60 Hz
Protection: Input Circuit Breaker, Electronic overload & short circuit, Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage, Phase Reversal. Soft Start circuit limits inrush current


Frequency: 50 Hz ±0.1%
Voltage: Three Phase 120/208, 220, 220/380, 240/415 VAC (as specified)
Voltage Regulation: ±1%
Power Factor: 0.8PF
Distortion: £ 3% THD, (linear load)
Duty: Continuous duty at full-rated load
Protection: Output Circuit Breaker, Electronic overload & short-circuit, Over/Under Voltage, Over-temperature

Environmental Characteristics:

Operating: 40°C (104°F)
Humidity: 0-90% Rh, (non-condensing)
Altitude: 5,000 Ft Above Sea Level
Location: Indoor

Output Voltage Adjustment Control
Caster Wheels
NEMA 12 Enclosure

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